liminalisation booth


Dear mum,

China has dispatched a naval task force with orders to intercept and hold an unlisted Australian freighter laden with weapons-grade Irish horse metaphors, their own Tibetan stocks having been addled with cliché and consigned to their vast subterranean incinerators. The Irish are concerned that the Chinese have neither the expertise nor the facilities to ensure the safe storage of such volatile specimens and so have offered the assistance of C.H.I.N.G.*, their internationally renowned freezer team.

In a statement issued on TVBPOR, the Irish Minister for Metaphor and Exaggeration makes it clear that the preservation of the rare and exquisite metaphors, thought to have a street value of approximately 200 billion credits, ought to be prioritised over any hawkish political considerations.

Strange rumours start circulating on the global diplomatic circuit.
Troubling and incoherent footnotes to inter-office memoranda. Hushed and fearful conversations between well-fed young Foreign Office advisers. 

Emanating originally from North-Western China, these weird accounts are initially sniggered at in ambassadorial rumpus rooms and spluttered over in tastefully appointed departmental cocktail bars. Outlandish stories of prehensile vipers of black ectoplasm, of trans-textual teleportation and unaffiliated fields of orgasm (that float on the wind like smog and can incapacitate entire cities for weeks at a time), seem too incredible to be taken seriously. The strange rumours are quickly dismissed and forgotten. The fools scoff and smirk, as they always do. 

Within a single Terran month, all contact with Ürümqi has been lost. 

A terrorist group, the so-called Brides of Golgonooza, are claiming responsibility; issuing online statements of intent in which they screech spitty gibberish at the cameras of doomed journalists from the pissed doorways of their crude 'Liminalisation Booths'. They claim the booths are central to their ideology, that the booths are the portals they use to haul their awful technologies back from the warp.

*Cryogenically Handling Irish National Goals

all the best,

Domino Chaterlain

My Liminalisation Booth Under Construction:

“The 'Liminalisation Booth'; a structure first developed by Chinese Golgonoozan militants in the course their Mid-21st Century intra-dimensional experiments. The existence of the booths has only been officially confirmed in recent years, governements having been compelled to act in damage limitation following several high-profile leaks. Regardless, both the Golgonoozans and Chinese state officials remain reticent as to exactly the scientific and socio-political ramifications of these astonishingly powerful portals. It appears that the booths, which can in their most rudimentary form be constructed using commonly available materials and with minimal craft, provide the basic means for a subject or 'traveller' to explore their subconscious with something like lucidity. In the words of one captured militant, the effects of the booth feel like 'the curious child of your mind is squatting over the upturned mirror of your heart.'" 

"Though essentially peripheral in terms of the final effects, subjects are often encouraged to adorn their booths with what they feel to be appropriate designs. The  symbol was popular among the booth's inventors. Pig toilets were seen to be hugely potent markers of solidarity with base matter. The theory runs that familiar images, whatever they are, might provide the travelling mind with a point of departure, and a point to which they could also return should the journey leave them disorientated and lost between places."

"Washed up on the shores of the stinking Thames, amongst the sandstone, chalk and clay of the London basin, fine igneous and metamorphic stones (the remnants of long-demolished buildings) can be gathered and returned to the booth."

The Ancillary Visions

"Once the booth is ready, once the subject is adequately cleansed and once the chosen stones are adequately heated - once they are glowing red - the subject prepares a bucket of cool water and takes their place within the booth. They slowly ladle the water onto the glowing stones, causing great billowing farts of hot steam to erupt and fill the booth, engulfing the subject and their thoughts in swaddling heat. As the heat intensifies, and as the creeping sense of dislocation increases, a mind casts off from its rickety bone jetty and begins its journey across the murky seas of pitch which constitute the subconscious."

"On one such journey I reached the thicketed slipstreams between worlds. It was here that I first encountered the mighty Los, crouched over the supine form of Charles Avery, staving in his posh fucking face with a granite cobble. Looking up at me, he smiled and rinsed his bloodied hands in a nearby tributary of The Island. Over the course of many subsequent visits he described for me a lurid, ahistorical network of worlds in which strange beings endlessly steal, wage war and fuck. These inhabitants are typically vain, capricious and cruel; all of which are characteristics, Los assures me, endemic amongst those who have uncovered the arcane secrets of intra-dimensional travel.”

Faces and Structures retrieved from ancillary visions

"A Golgonoozan's childhood is wholly devoted to the 'Exhuming of the Mask', which is an ancient tradition whereby an individual devotes all of their nascent energies into the realisation of their adult identity; an identity manifested in biomechanical masks and suits. A Golgonoozan is deemed to have reached adulthood with the closing of their 50th cycle. On the dawn of the first day of their adulthood, the scouring begins:" 

Colin Wilson, 'In Our Times', BBC Radio 4, MMCLVI

From the slipstreams: Los' Architecture of Ecstasy

Colin Wilson's field sketches:

Noise Marine Barracks

Noise Marine Mess Hall

Slaaneshi Cat House