From the Constables Desk.

Policing on Ascension a unique Island in the middle of the South Atlantic with a population of approximately 1000 people, employed by a number of organisations undertaking various task to maintain its natural beauty and friendly environment. With new developments there is a likelihood of the population increasing and more tourists visiting to explore and enjoy our Islands sandy beaches, marine life, walks and visits to places of historical interest to name but a few.

The Police Service is made up of six officers seconded from the St Helena Police Service, supplemented with the support of two special constables. The crime rate is relatively low and the most recorded incidents are traffic offences. It is our objective to maintain an approach to bring crime down and deal with any other matters of concern. To maintain such an approach it is necessary that we work in partnership with the Government Departments, other Organisations and the Public to achieve such.
Having said the above lets look at a worrying trend and is a cause of concern which could change the outlook of our environment and that is to know that in the past ten months there has been three cases of which the controlled drug CANNABIS being produced on the Island even in our residential areas the most recent being three weeks ago in Two Boats.
It is an offence for any person to have in their possession or consume, produce or supply the controlled drug namely cannabis
It's a known fact that the dealing in drugs leads to CRIME related matters such as stealing and public order offences, even fatalities.

Before this gets well established we are doing everything possible to have it stamped out. The last case for such reached the courts in 1991. Since then and to date no other such case has come to the court, although as I have said evidence indicates that is still being produced on the Island. If you know of any persons who are dealing drugs or where it is produced then don't hesitate contact us, all information given will be kept in the strictest confidence. If you wish to remain anonymous then please use the confidential Crime Line to which the number is 6677.
To end lets spare a thought for our juveniles through the adult population of the Island see, this as being of some help and not directed at any of you.
It is an offence for any juvenile under the age of sixteen years to smoke or have in their possession any cigars, cigarettes, smoking or chewing tobacco or other form or preparation of tobacco for smoking. It is also an offence for any person, who either directly or indirectly sells, gives or furnishes any of the above to any juvenile.

Constable Timothy Leo